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In MSCRM by default we don’t have any Label field or simple Textbox that can be added to the form.

In many cases where a field display label is quite larger, we can go for some options in form customization like:

1> Field Label Width: This option is present under Section properties-> Display Tab.
By default it has a fixed label width of 115px which can be extended to a max of 250px.

2> Field Label Position: This option is present under Section properties-> Formatting Tab.
By default the label position is set at Side of the field, but can be changed to Above the field. This way the label will have the full width of the field.

**NOTE: The above changes will take place to all the fields in that particular Section.

In case the Labels are far to large and the above two options are probably not enough to fulfill the requirement, then we might need to take the HTML Web Resource approach.

I had a similar requirement like the one below:


  • To achieve this, we first need to create the Web Resource of type HTML.
  • Use the code below: A spl thanks to Mitch Milam whose piece of HTML code was very helpful for creating the same background color, font size and font text as of MSCRM.
<body style="border-bottom: 0px; 
 border-left: 0px; 
 border-top: 0px; 
 border-right: 0px; 
 padding-bottom: 0px; 
 padding-top: 0px;
 padding-left: 0px; 
 padding-right: 0px; 
 font-family: Segoe UI, Tahoma, Arial;
 font-size: 11px; 
 background-color: #f6f8fa;">
 **NOTE: The copy of the Identity proof selected above must be collected and verified properly. In case of the Fake Identity, a notice to the Concerned department must be sent immediately.
  • Then Add that web resource to your form like:


  • Make sure u have selected 2-columns, 2-rows, scrolling as Never and unchecked the Border option for a much better feel.


  • The Final Customized form should look like the one below:

And you are done with the Labels.

Thanks !!!