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Hello Everyone,

I’ve seen many queries related to the Whole Number format in forums, including one of mine so after some reading I’m going to depict a small picture on this.

Take an example: you type 123456789 in a Whole No or Integer Field and after you loose the focus from the respective field, you will see 123,456,789.

By default, the Whole Number Format in MSCRM uses the global number format setting and cannot be overridden at the field level.

We can control it via System / User Settings.

System Setting :-
Move to Settings-> Administration-> System Settings-> Format Tab

User Setting :-
Move to File-> Options -> Format Tab

In the format tab click the Customize button as shown in pic below:


Now all you need to do is change the Digit Grouping Symbol and Digit group.

**NOTE: This will change the format for each and every number field in CRM 2011 form including the currency grouping format as well.


@ field-level-formatting

It was much easier in CRM 4.0 in case you want it only for a specific field/attribute, using the following Javascript:

if(crmForm.all.fieldname != null && crmForm.all.fieldname.DataValue != null)
 crmForm.all.fieldname.value = crmForm.all.fieldname.DataValue;


crmForm.all.fieldname.value has the formatted value


crmForm.all.fieldname.DataValue has the real data saved in the database.


  • However, In CRM 2011 .value and .DataValue has converged into getAttribute(“fieldname”).getValue();

So a workaround to this will be changing the Attribute Data Type from a ‘whole number’ to ‘Single line of Text’.
Then strip out anything other than numeric from the field with javascripts.


In the same post I’ll also like to include another Whole Number Format issue.

When you try to exceed the value 2,147,483,647 it will not allow to do so.

So a workaround to this is the same as 1 just stated above,

and the another one (which would be the best way to do is):

Instead of Whole number, take Data types as Floating Point number or Decimal number and set the Precision to 0.

As both the Decimal and Floating point numbers allow to change the maximum value to an extent.

Thanks !!!