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Hi All,

Today I’ll discuss about an important topic related to user security role on e-mails privileges.

Recently I was testing a workflow which was suppose to trigger when a Lead is Assigned to a different user. In my Workflow I was sending an e-mail From the user who was the earlier Owner of the lead(Modified BY) To the new user who was assigned the lead(Owner).

  • But during lead assigning process, my workflow encountered the following error:

“You cannot send e-mail as the selected user. The selected user has not allowed this or you do not have sufficient privileges to do so. Contact your system administrator for assistance.”

This error was due to the insufficient e-mail privileges. In Dynamics CRM, e-mail security is maintained for each and every user; For example: when an e-mail is send on behalf of another user then until and unless the specific user allows his permission, e-mails cannot be send.

The same case was happening in my workflow as well. The e-mail was being send on behalf of ‘Modified By’ User, who has still not allowed the permission to send e-mails on his behalf.

  • The users can change the setting by modifying their personal settings in CRM:

Move to File -> Options -> Email Tab 
Mark the checkbox stating “Allows other MSCRM users to send e-mail on your behalf”.

Note: Please carefully go through the Important note written right below the checkbox.

Bingo !!! After changing the user permissions for sending e-mails on his behalf, my worflow process executed successfully.

  • There is yet another better resolution or a workaround to this, in case your client is not very stubborn with his requirements.

While sending mails (in From field) use a single user account or rather the Administrator account with the e-mail option permissions set.
This will keep the integrity of the user on sending mails on his behalf without his knowledge.

Note: In case the above Option for “Allows other MSCRM users to send e-mail on your behalf” is not Visible in your Personal Settings then you are probably missing some settings in CRM. Kindly follow my other Blog Post for the same.

Hope this post was helpful.

Thanks !!!