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Today I again faced the similar issue which I’ve been facing since long . I have also seen many queries related to this so M writing it down today.
When you try to install the Email-Router then during the prerequisites check it will ask to download and install 2 of the following required components:

  • Windows Live Id Sign-in Assistant 6.5
  • Microsoft Online Services Sign-in Assistant (version greater than 7.2)

But when you give the option to install, it fails to download Microsoft Online Services Sign-in Assistant.

I then tried to Google any Microsoft download site that will provide the installation file package for this but all in vain,
then while going through many of the forum posts I finally found the link to download the same which I’m also sharing here:

  • Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant 6.5


  • Microsoft Online Services Sign-in Assistant 7.0


I manually downloaded and installed the 64 bit of these two required components for successful installation of Dynamics CRM Email-Router.

Hope this post will help someone save their lot of time searching for the Download Link.

Thanks !!!