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Today while doing a Fresh Installation of Dynamics CRM 2011, I faced an unknown Error stating “Action Microsoft.Crm.Setup.Setup.UrlRewriteModule Installation Failed. “ and following that Installation Setup failed.

After some reading I figured out that Url Rewrite Module is one of the most required component while installing CRM. It enables IIS administrators to create powerful customized rules to map request URLs to friendly URLs that are easier for users to remember and easier for search engines to find. You can use the URL Rewrite module to perform URL manipulation tasks, some of which include:

  • Define powerful rules to transform complex URLs into simple and consistent Web addresses.
  • Easily replace Web application URLs to produce user and search engine friendly results.
  • Rewrite URLs based on HTTP headers and IIS server variables.
  • Perform redirects, send custom responses, or stop HTTP requests based on the logic expressed in the rewrite rules.
  • Control access to Web site content based on URL segments or request metadata.

Ex: Url Rewrite Module could rewrite


U can find an example of the same under your IIS -> Sites -> Microsoft Dynamics CRM Site : 


Coming back to the resolution :

  • Even though the CRM server Installation failed but it created the DB and the CRM website in IIS along with the registry keys.We will delete them all for a clean system. 
  • Download and Install Url Rewrite Module from here.
  • Restart the system and Start the CRM Server Installation again.

Hope this post was helpful.

Thanks !!!