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Today I ran again into a very different situation where after a fresh installation of Dynamics CRM , when I hit the CRM URL then it started asking for login credentials multiple times. Even though it authenticates the login-id and password after 3 trials but again at each and every click on the CRM web-page, it repeats the same odd behavior.

It was very irritating and disturbing, atleast when you are sitting in front of your client showing them their first look of their CRM page after a successful installation on their server. 

I quickly ran through their IIS setting and everything seemed quite fair.  I googled it then and there and a solution came to my rescue which I would like to share in case anyone else came across the same scenario.

  • Open IIS -> Sites -> Microsoft Dynamics CRM 
  • Double-Click Authentication
  • Select Windows Authentication (make sure its enabled) then on the right hand side click Providers.
  • Select NTLM and Move Up. (By default Negotiate is at the top of the list)

Bingo !!! Now there was no more such behavior asking for login credentials again and again.

Hope this was helpful.

Thanks !!!