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Hello Everyone,

Today one of the user was facing a problem while logging into his CRM. After entering his credentials the following error showed up on the I.E.

I first checked my Active Directory and CRM User Profile but everything seemed to be correct, the specific user profile exists in both AD and CRM Users.

No clue what suddenly happened and why he lost his connection with his CRM, but a workaround saved my day which I would like to share with you all.

  • As an Administrator I created a new temporary user “User1” in my AD in the same Domain and updated the Specific User Profile with this Temporary Domain User “User1”. 
  • After assigning a role I tried to login with this new user credentials and was able to login successfully and able to view all the records of the previous user. 
  • I logged in back as an Administrator and once again changed the same user profile but this time with the original user who was first associated with the same Security Role.

And yes,, here we go.. The specified user was now able to login back to his CRM.

I just hope this workaround will save time for others as well in case they face the same issue.

Thanks !!!