Hey Friends,

I recently upgraded my laptop and installed Windows Server 2008 R2(SP1) so that I can work along with my CRM anytime. Earlier I used to connect to my remote server and had to be dependent on the speed of the Internet(wireless connection).

And trust me sometimes its very irritating when you are in middle of something very important and your Wireless connection goes off !!!

Now since my latest OS is an Server 2008, so the look and feel of Windows-7 was being missed a lot. But soon I came across to a very interesting blog which would turn the look and feel of Server to Windows-7.

This block discuss about enabling the features one by one :

1> Desktop Experience and Wireless
2> Windows Themes along with Aero features
3> Sound Service
4> Search and Disable Shutdown Event Tracker

I’ve followed all the four parts and my new Server looks fantabulous !!!

Tons of thanks for explaining it descriptively.