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Hello Everyone,

I had a requirement where I was suppose to modify the Default Quote report. The Quote Report is distributed as Parent-Child report.

The Parent Report is with the name ‘Quote’ while the Child Report with the name ‘Quote Sub-Report’ which mainly contains all the data and details of the line items.

So I downloaded both the Quote.RDL and Quote Sub-Report.RDL and opened them using VS as explained in my earlier post.

After modifying the Quote Sub-Report when you’ll try to Import it back as a new Report then the Parent-Report Field will be grayed out first. But after creation of the new report when you will edit the same then the option of Parent Report will be available but None to select From.

Eventually, you will also notice that the original Sub-Report has now 2 parent reports to choose from (Original Parent Report and the Modified Sub-Report)

So to link the Sub-Report properly to the Parent Report you’ll need to do the following:

  • In the Parent Quote Report right click the Sub-report Section and select the Sub-report Properties.


  • Under General Tab click the Dropdown option to select the Modified Sub-Report under ‘Use this report as a subreport
  • Set parameters that you want to pass to the Sub-Report. 
  • Now Save and Add this Modified Parent Report to CRM.
  • On the Child Report, Add the Parameter to take the Input from the Parent Report.
  • Next when you will add the Modified Sub-Report to CRM then it Automatically pics up the Parent Report.

Hope that Helps, Thanks !!!