Recently I had a unique requirement during the Data Import process. The upload file was supposed to be in .CSV format with Semicolon as a delimiter and encoded with Unicode.

By default the .CSV uses comma(,) as a delimiter. While saving the Excel file we do have space delimiter format and tab delimiter format as an file option too but no semicolon delimiter format option.

1.> Change File format to .CSV (semicolon delimited)

To achieve the desired result we need to temporary change the delimiter setting in the Excel Options.

Move to File -> Options -> Advanced -> Editing Section

Uncheck the “Use system separators” setting and put a comma in the “Decimal Separator” field.

Now save the file in the .CSV format and it will be saved in the semicolon delimited format !!!

2.> Encode the .CSV file in Unicode format

The simplest approach to achieve the Unicode Encoding is:

  • Open the result file in Notepad
  • Click Save as
  • Give the File Name as xyz.csv
  • Change the Save as Type to All Files
  • Choose the Encoding as Unicode
  • Press Save.

Finally you have the desired file ready to be imported.

Update :- I’ve written another blog post on Saving Excel Data file to CSV format with any Special Character Delimiter.

Thanks !!!