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Hello Everyone,

I’ve been facing this issue since very long but ignoring it due to time constrain.

Scenario: When you import data through the Import Data tool in CRM 2011 then you may sometimes face failures due to duplicate record or lookup reference not resolved or many more reasons.

These failure records can then be exported separately, corrected and re-imported back into the Dynamics CRM. But When you click the Export Error Row it shows the following Error: Record is Unavailable

This issue occurs only on the multi-tenant deployments i.e. having more than 1 Organizations. Else it works fine on the Default instance.

I first checked the Event-Viewer for the detailed log and found out the reason for the issue; It clearly mentions that the importfile with id{guid} does not exist.

Scrolling down to look more deep into the issue I found the requested URL which was being requested on click of that Export Error Row button.

As soon as I looked to the URL , I came to knew that the URL is accessing the Default Organization since it was http://<ServerName>/IMport/downloadErrors With only the Server name the CRM will open with the Default Organization.
This clarifies that CRM is not building the Link correctly and is sending the Request to the wrong CRM instance, so no wonder it says Record is Unavailable.

Resolution: I copied the link and pasted into the Explorer and added the Organization_name after the Server_name and hit Enter.


Bingo !!! The Requested Url worked without any Error/Warning.
This is a Default Organization bug which Microsoft is yet to come with any hotfix or Rollup Update.

Hope this was helpful and the Temporary solution or workaround will save a lot of time dealing with the failures during Import Process.

Thanks !!!