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In case you have a multi-tenant environment with users being involved in various organization; you can change the Default Organization for those particular Users.

If you have installed your CRM on default port:80 then When you type http://<Server_Name>/ , it opens the CRM with the Default Organization associated with the particular user.

Note: The Default Organization is set on the sequence in which a User is added to the Organization. The First Organization with which a user is associated to becomes his Default Organization.

Even though accessing http://<Server_Name>/<Organization_Name>/ will guide to the desired Organization in which the user currently wants to log in but if you still want to change the default CRM Organization for the Particular User then there are two possible ways:

1.> Re-Binding the User in CRM.

  • The following Blog has explained the process in much detail for rebinding Users in CRM via AD.

2.> Make direct Changes to the Default Organization fields in the Database.

  • This next blog has explained ways to make changes in DB directly and get the desired result.

Even though making Direct changes to the Database is fairly not supported by Microsoft but its quite simpler changing Default Organization for Multiple User instantly.

A spl. thanks to Atif and Khaja for explaining this very descriptively in their blogs. I’ve gone through both the options and are stable. Between, Choice is yours !!!


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