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Hello Everyone,

This is in continuation to my Previous Post. In order to provide access to CRM to allow email router to use my credentials to send and receive email on my behalf, the same option was grayed out.

Having no clue as how to make this option available, I finally had to Google and found out the reason. This issue applies only to the users of the On-Premise deployment of CRM 2011.

Actually, In processing e-mail for a user or queue, the E-mail Router requires credentials for the user or queue.Those credentials can be entered in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web application in the Set Personal Options dialog box (for users) and in the Queues form (for queues).

Microsoft Dynamics CRM stores these credentials in encrypted form in the CRM database. The E-mail Router uses a key stored in the CRM database to decrypt these credentials. The call that the E-mail Router makes to obtain this key enforces HTTPS.

In order to use HTTP (instead of HTTPS)in On-Premise Deployment, we must set a Windows registry Key as follows:

1> Click Start -> Run and type “regedit
2> Locate the following path : HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\MSCRM
3> Find registry key “DisableSecureDecryptionKey“. If unavailable then create a New DWORD (32 bit) Value with Value 1. Or else change the value data from 0 to 1.

4> Then do an IISReset. (Start -> Run -> iisreset)

Now Open your CRM and voila, you have the check-box option available now.

This issue has also been discussed in detail in the following article.

Hope this was Quite Helpful.

Thanks !!!