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Hello Everyone,

This post is again in continuation to my Previous Post. After providing the credentials to Email Router to send and receive Emails on my behalf, when I tried to load the data in Email Router in order to view user and queues for the current deployment, it failed.

The following error popped up on the screen:

The Email Router Configuration Manager was unable to retrieve user and queue information from Microsoft Dynamics CRM server. This may indicate that the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server is busy. Verify that URL http://<Server_Name>/CRM/ is correct.
Aditionally, this problem can occur if specified access credentials are insufficient. To try again, click Load Data. (Please select an account that is a member of the PrivUserGroup security group and try again.)
At first I was yet again clueless about the error, but after some time when I read the whole error once again then I notice a point which says:

Please select an account that is a member of the PrivUserGroup security group.

In the Active Directory I selected the users and added all of them under the PrivUserGroup security group.

Step 1: Open the AD and select the Users which need to be added to the PrivUserGroup. Right Click and select the first option of ‘Add to a group”.

Step 2: In the ‘Select Group’ windows click on Advanced.

Step 3: Find the Group with the starting name as Priv and you will get two. Select the User Group with the Name ‘PrivUserGroup’ and click OK. And you are done.

And Bingo !!! When I tried to Load Data again, it was successful without any much delay.
It took me long to cover up this issue, hope this post will help someone to resolve this very quickly.

Thanks !!!