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Hello Everyone,

Today I faced yet again a challenge while doing some customizations. I had a requirement where I was suppose to show/hide few fields on select of a DropDown.

I knew its quite easy as the following JScript will Show/Hide the fields.


But the challenge came when I even had to compensate the Spaces created after hiding the fields.

I tried various other options as well but in vain.

Finally after various tryout ; one of the code which I used earlier during my CRM 4.0 implementation worked !!!

crmForm.all.fieldName_c.style.display = 'none';
crmForm.all.fieldName_d.style.display = 'none';


_c extension specifies the “Label” of the field.
_d extension specifies the “Data (textbox)” of the field.

  • Another way around is to add the fields in a section and hide the section itself.
  • Just for reference:- (Jscript to hide Tab)


Hope that was Helpful.