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Hello Everyone,

Today One of my Client send me Pic stating that he is not able import any file as since no Import Button is visible.

After a look at the pic I understood at once that they must have made some changes to the security roles(Even though after reminding so many times to be very careful while changing or assigning roles and privilege)

But even I was quite surprised when I checked the Data Import Privileges. All the privilege were set to Organization Level except for the Delete Privilege as Deleting any record is not permissible in that particular Organization.

After spending some time and playing around with the privileges I finally came to notice the following Forum and Blog which also explains about this weird behavior in detail.

For the Solution,

Data Import -> User level Delete Privilege
Data Map -> User level Delete Privilege

are required for the Import Wizard to work accordingly as expected. This is the Minimum delete privilege to be given in order to Import New Records in CRM where Record Deletion is not entertained.

Other Required Permission might also include:

  • Import Source File
  • Web Wizard
  • Web Wizard Access Privilege
  • Wizard Page

Set the Privilege at the user level first and then move to the Organization level as per the requirement.


Hope this would be Helpful.