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Hello Everyone,

Recently one of my client wanted a feature in his outlook client, wherein he can access other user mailbox and Track mails in CRM.

By default you will receive the following error when you would try to Track an Email on other user mailbox:

Only items in the default Microsoft Outlook store can be promoted to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


  • A viable workaround is to have other user mailbox come to the your default mailbox and then use Outlook rules to move them different folder. 

This has been explained very nicely in Harris Blog. But unfortunately my client didn’t accepted this and I had to find another way-out.

Finally this was made possible, as I came across the following blog from nrodri. He has documented each step in much detail.

Few of the other points to keep in notice:

  • The Other User Mailbox must be getting stored in the Default Profile in Outlook. If those mailboxes are getting stored in a local PST or outside of the default profile in outlook; CRM can’t track them. 
  • The User who shares the Inbox or any other Item in Outlook must log on to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM client for Outlook. This issue has been explained in the following Microsoft Support Article.

Hope this will be helpful to someone configuring their Outlook client for multiple Mailboxes.

Thanks !!!