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Hello Everyone,

I faced a strange issue in CRM Online, which I would like to discuss about.

I recently configured CRM Online for one of my Client but while doing so I noticed an unusual behavior in the Email functionality. The Email Entity was not allowing to write anything on the Body (Description) section.

Instead it showed:

This content cannot be displayed in a frame. 

To help protect the security of information you enter into this website, the publisher of this content does not allow it to be displayed in a frame. 

As we all know, there is a setting for this instance in the Email tab of the System Settings. When I went to Settings -> Administration -> System Settings -> Email Tab -> Set E-mail form options Section the option of Use secure frames to restrict e-mail messages content was disabled and set to YES. Even though being an Administrator of the Organization I was not able to change this particular option. 

Finally after trying hard enough through various other options and Google, I had to raise a Support Ticket to Microsoft against this strange behavior in CRM Online.

After a discussion with the Microsoft Support Team, I was made clear that this is a known issue with CRM 2011 Online. And since the options are grayed out so a Organization Database update from the Microsoft Team will be done to counter this issue.

After some days when I received the confirmation of the Organization Database update from Microsoft Support Team, I verified that the option of Use secure frames to restrict e-mail messages content was set to No. Resulting to which the Email Description Body was functional again. 

In case anybody is facing a similar issue with their CRM Online Organization,they can simply log a Support Ticket with Microsoft without breaking their heads on finding a solution just as I did. 😉

Hope that was Helpful !!!