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Hello Everyone,

Today I came across a weird stuff which I would like to share with all.

I wanted to update Icons for a newly created Entity. For updating the icons we need to create three Webresource with Images dimension of 16*16 , 32*32 and 66*48 pixels respectively.

I first tried with the JPG format webresource but the image size validation occured as size exceeded the 10kb limit. In order to search for the recommended image Format for the webresource to be uploaded as Icons, I started reading the MSDN article.

There it was clearly mentioned that .PNG image format is best suited because they support transparency and good compression with a better color fidelity than the rest(JPG,GIF,ICO).

While further going through the MSDN, I even found out that the Image size of 68×48 is no longer being used in Dynamics CRM 2011. It meant that the time we used to input in creating this weird image size was not actually being used at all in CRM 2011.

Weird enough Right ?? Its described in MSDN Article here.