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Hello Everyone,

I had a requirement wherein I was suppose to Import the Thai Language data into CRM.  As per the normal procedure, I created a .csv file and Imported the data using Data Import Wizard. Everything looked fine until I saw the Result. 

All the Thai Data were replaced with “?”. Since Thai, Chinese, Japanese,Korean,French and many other languages are in Unicode Format. Hence Importing Data is a bit different.

  • I first saved the Excel sheet data in Unicode Text Format.
  • The resultant file was saved in the .txt format.
  • Then I browsed for this file in the Data Import Wizard and clicked Next. 
  • In the Delimiter Settings, I choose the Field Delimiter as Tab Character and clicked Next again and continued with the rest of the process to complete the Import Wizard Process. 
  • This time when I saw the result, It was just as expected. 

There are other ways as well. I found another blog which explain it in detail.

Hope this was Helpful. 

Thanks !!!