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Hello Everyone,

Yesterday using SDK I created a webservice(URL) for a CRM Entity-Lead creation. I was calling my webservice through JScript [using window.open()] with the parameterized value QueryString.

I’ll be taking a test scenario of URL here.

My URL was like(example):
http://www.google.com/CreateService.asmx/Lead?LID=23&ST=คุณ&FN=เอ๋&LN=ณ สงขลา&MNO=99999999

The values being passed in my QueryString were in Unicode Characters. But I was very surprised to see the result when I hit the URL in my IE Browser(Ver.8).

The resultant URL was following and consequently lead was created with values “???” instead of unicode characters:


When I hit the same URL in Chrome and Firefox the result was following and consequently lead was created with correct Unicode values:


It simply meant that the IE browser was unable to encode the Unicode correctly, which resulted in replacing the Unicode values with “?” values.

I had no options left but to Encode my URL since client was only using IE as their default browser. So to follow up with Encoding I found a very Helpful site which gives you Multiple Options to view and analyze your Encoded URL.

Mostly for Encoding purpose we use following Two options:

  • encodeURI :- Encodes a text string as a valid Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).
  • encodeURIComponent :- In addition to encodeURI, it encodes the following characters as well: , / ? : @ & = + $ #

The encodeURI function suited my requirement criteria and I was able to call my webservice in JScript IE browser using:

which ultimately resulted in creation of leads with Correct Unicode Values.

Hope this little information was helpful.

Thanks !!!