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Hello Everyone,

“Can I see the Last Activity Date on my Leads ?”. This is a very common question from my CRM Customers who want to follow up their leads which have not been contacted since quite a long time.

By Default there is a report named “Neglected Leads” which shows you the leads that have not been changed or Modified since the given period of time. This default report captures the ‘Modified On Date’. If you have any open activity against a lead and you Complete/Update that activity then that Lead Modified On Date doesn’t change at all.

This way, even if you followed up an activity (Created/Completed) against a lead by setting its regarding field as concerned lead, that particular lead Modified On date will not change and the report will show it as Neglected Lead. But CRM customers wants to know the actual last activity done on any particular lead.

  • So I found a workaround for this, I created a workflow for the Activities like Tasks,Email,Phone-Call.
  • I first checked for the Regarding and If regarding contains Lead then added a further step to modify that Lead.
  • I had already created a Date field on Lead Entity ‘Last Activity’ which I’ll be updating it as Last Activity Date equal to Process Execution Time.

With this workflow, the last Activity Date was updated in Leads. I added this field on the front view and now the CRM users were able to see the last activity done on any lead and follow up with the ones which was not contacted since long.

Hope that was Helpful.

Thanks !!!