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Hello Everyone,

I have been following Microsoft since past 3-4 Months regarding an issue, which ultimately came out to be a Bug. Even though on a personal note I was quite excited to detect a Bug in Microsoft Product. But it had its disadvantages too, major one was the confidence loss of the client on the CRM product. Here I’ll be explaining the issue in bit detail.

I have a test CRM Environment whose configurations are same as most of the Production Servers in India.

  • If I check my System Locale settings of my server, it mentions ‘English (India)’.

System Locale settings can be found at:

Start -> Control Panel -> Region and Language -> Administrative Tab

  • Also, the Format Settings in my CRM are set to ‘English (India)’.
  • Now starting with, I created a Test-Quote with a Quote-Product of amount say: ‘Rs.98,87,765.00’.
  • But to my surprise,Ā  when I run the Default Quote Report the Currency Format speaks different language !!!Ā  šŸ˜®

i.e. Instead of ‘Rs. 98,87,765.00’ it displays ‘Rs. 9,887,765.00’Ā 

  • I logged an case with Microsoft regarding the same and the Dev Team confirmed it as a Bug with the following Explanation:

“When we execute the report we programmatically set the Language for the report based upon the current users locale settings. Based upon that setting we generate the format strings used to show the report data where formats need to be applied, dates, numbers, currency amounts, etc. However the function that produces this data does not have a case statement for locale ID 16393 (en-IN), and so it defaults to en-US. Because of that the format strings we produce use the digit groupings in the en-US culture which is not the same as en-IN culture.”

  • The Resolution to this Issue is coming as a part in Update Rollup-16 which is tentatively scheduled to be released in 2nd Week of December 2013.
  • Since the Issue was Identified as a Bug, the logged Case was Awarded as Free !!!

Hope that would be quite Helpful until Update Rollup-16 is Released.

Thanks !!!