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Hello Everyone,

Today I came across two different types of issues related to the Email Router in CRM 2011. The first one I’ll be discussing it right here while the another one will be on my Another Post.

I configured the Email Router on one of my Server. Everything looked fine and Test Access also succeeded. But, the Emails were still under the status “Pending Send“.

Having no clue as what went wrong, I checked the Event Viewer of the Server to get the hint. And found the following Error:

System.IO.IOException: Unable to read data from the transport connection: net_io_connectionclosed

I rechecked all the settings under the Outgoing Profile, and found the Port value under Advanced Tab was incorrectly set. I corrected it and Published my settings. This time again when I checked the “Test Access” against a user on Outgoing Profile, it succeeded. But this time it was confirmed as all the Emails status changed from “Pending Send” to “Sent“.

Hope this will be helpful.

Thanks !!!