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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to write about this a long time before but was occupied with some hefty work. As already mentioned in my previous blogs, these days I’ve been keeping busy with couple of CRM 2013 configuration for few of my CRM clients.  Now, while configuring the Opportunity Form I noticed that the Sub-Grid buttons were not visible anymore while selecting any Quote available (except for a delete button).

Presently by default design, you can only add a Quote on the Sub-Grid.
I wanted to run an On-Demand workflow on the activated Quote Selected, but I couldn’t find any related buttons as we use to in CRM 2011.

Also, same as 2011 Quote was neither present in the navigation for an Quote Associated View.

So, in order to make the Sub-Grid buttons available and add the Quote to the Navigation, we need to perform a small configuration:-

a> Open Form Editor
b> Click on Navigation present under Form Ribbon
c> Double click on the the Quotes (This will move the Quote to the desired  position i.e. under Common Navigation Link)
d> Save and Publish the changes.

Once you are done, Refresh the CRM and this time you will notice two changes that happened.
1> Quote is visible in the Navigation Pane.
2> A small button appeared on the Sub-Grid, next to the Add button. This button acts as a navigator which takes you directly to the Associated view of the Quotes.

In the associated view, you still won’t find the workflow button. But after selection of the Quote you will find the ellipsis which contains the workflow button. This works the same as 2011, like after selecting the Quote the buttons use to get highlighted.

Before Selecting any Quote in the Associated View Grid:-

After selecting the Quote in the Associated View Grid:-

Similarly it can be done for the rest of the Sub-Grids which you actually need to.

Hope this was Helpful.

Thanks !!!