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Hello Everyone,

Today I came across a strange issue with the Report Server. Actually due to some Issues I had to reinstall SQL in my DB server. During SQL Re-Installation I selected the Reporting Services to be configured automatically by default. After the Successful Installation of the SQL When I checked for the reports (http://localhost/reports),

It showed the ‘HTTP 500 Internal Server Error’ with the message ‘The website cannot display the page’ on the screen.

I was quite perplexed with this error as there was no warning/error-popup during the Installation. I then instantly checked with the ‘Reporting Services Configuration Manager’.

Under Report Manager URL section the URL field was blank !!! I tried multiple times to even set the Reports URL to port:80(which is set as default) but it failed with the Error: ‘The URL has already been reserved’.

With this error I got the hint that with my previous SQL installation, the port must have been reserved.

I Google it out to find a fix to this and from many suggestions I found this to be working fine, by using the Netsh command for Http. More description about the command is given here at msdn

Kindly follow the below steps:-

  • Firstly, Open the CMD prompt under ‘Run as Administrator’


  • Then type in the below command to check for the reservation:
netsh http show urlacl 


netsh http show urlacl http://+:80/Reports/


  • If you find the reservations for the same then in your next step you actually need to delete it in order to re-assign through the Reporting Services Configuration Manager.

To delete the reservation, kindly use the below command:

netsh http delete urlacl http://+:80/Reports/


Now after deleting the specified reservation when I configured back the URL under the ‘Report Manager URL’ section, this time it finally succeeded and my reports were opening in the browser.

Hope this will be helpful.

Thanks !!!