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Hello Everyone ,

Today one of my client suddenly came up with an Error related to Plugin. He claimed that when the Error was shown just before the plugin was suppose to trigger.

Since yesterday everything was working fine but today abruptly before the plugin was suppose to trigger, the error popped up on the screen. After Downloading the log file only the issue to the Error was clear, which said:-

The plug-in execution failed because no Sandbox Hosts are currently available. 
Please check that you have a Sandbox server configured and that it is running.

The second line itself made it very clear and gave the hint. I went straight forward to  Start -> Administrative Tools -> Services

in order to check the status of Sandbox Processing Services, and found that the service was not even started. 

I quickly started the service manually and ran the CRM process again where there was issue of Plugin. And this time it was completed with the successful execution of the Plugin as well.


Hope this will be helpful.

Thanks !!!