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Hello Everyone,

Today, yet another CRM client came up with an issue that CRM was not working. It was really an unusual comment which you would hear, but surprisingly it was true. When I tried opening the CRM it didn’t. Then I tried opening the Deployment Manager but it too failed with the Error in the below Screenshot:-

After you get deep into the Error detail it says:-

Unable to obtain DNS hostname of Active Directory domain controller with ntdsa object name 
"CN=NTDS Settings,CN=[Domain Controller], CN=Servers,CN=[Default First Site Name],
CN=Sites,CN=Configuration,DC=[CRM Server],DC=[Domain Name]".
Exception Type :

Having no clue to this one, I Google out with the Error Keywords and found a resolution that worked perfectly with this Error situation. More regarding the same can be found here.

Kindly follow the below step:

1> Open RegEdit.

2> Move to HKLM -> Software -> Microsoft -> MSCRM

3> Try to find the key name ‘PreferredDC’ or else Create the String Value Name.

4> Enter the Value Data to ‘PreferredDC’ with YourDomainControllerName. It can be found by running the command ‘echo %logonservername%’ under CMD Prompt.


Once you have completed the above mentioned task, you can start the Deployment Manager, which will open without any error this time and so as the CRM.

Hope this will be Helpful.

Thanks !!!