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Hello Everyone,

In the recent release of CRM 2013, Microsoft introduced some new features as a part of their GUI Interface. One of them is called as Composite fields which combines and shows the multiple fields values as one.  The multiple field values are captured in the Flyout box. Examples of such two composite fields whose values can be captured through the Flyout are:-

  • Name
  • Address

In this post I’ll be discussing about the Name Field.  Address field will be discussed in my Later Post.

Now the default view of the Composite field Name captures only FirstName and LastName only. 

But in my recent configuration I had to include the MiddleName as well. Let me tell you that the composite fields are not yet configurable i.e. You cannot include or remove any new field to it. Under Lead entity, If you will look to the Field properties of the Name field you will find the ‘full name’ as schema name.

But yet there is an easy fix to this issue of Middle name. This behavior is actually controlled through the System Setting. Under System Settings there is an option of Name Format which gives you multiple name format options.

Once I changed the format to ‘LastName FirstName MiddleName ‘ and save it. The immediate effect can be seen on the Lead page with the option of MiddleName in the flyout box too which captures all the three fields and combines then to Composite field Name.

Hope this was helpful.

Thanks !!!