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Hello Everyone,

Recently in one of the CRM Upgradation from 2011 to 2013, I came across a change which was related to the Address Composite Field. Actually, in one of my client’s CRM 2011 environment I had replaced the field City, State and Country via lookups so that the field value integrity could be maintained and reports,views and dashboard should be captured flawlessly.

In my Last Post I discussed about the newly introduced Composite fields in CRM 2013. As already mentioned, Composite fields are not yet configurable i.e. cannot include or remove any new/existing field from it.

Hence, while upgrading this came as a challenge as by default Address composite field combined all the 7-fields (Street1, Street2, Street3, City, State, Zip code, Country) and I cannot replace (City, State and Country) fields with their new Lookups.

Even though, currently there is no supported way to do control this (hopefully Microsoft might make this available in future release) But a little tweak did the trick for me to overcome this challenge.

I created a Business Rule ho hide the default fields (City, State and Country) from the form. I specifically wrote the Business Rule without specifying any conditions which means it will load/work all the time.

Consequently, with the effect of Business Rule the fields got hidden from the flyout menu as well. I changed the Display name of Address Composite Field to Street and made it Visible, also included the rest 3 new Lookup under same section.

Finally my requirement got fulfilled now as I was able to use the composite field to capture the 4-fields (Street1, Street2, Street3 and Zip Code) and also use the individual lookups for the City, State and Country.


Hope this will be helpful to Someone !!!