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Hello Everyone,

In my Previous Post I explained about capturing the Business Process Name and the Stage Name into which the current record exists. Once the Stage Name is captured then it can be used as trigger to perform many Actions like Lock a field or Set the Visibility of fields through Business Rules or Synchronous Workflows; based on the various Stage change scenarios.

In my current Ongoing Project I too had similar kind of requirement wherein I was suppose to hide the Field of other Stages until the Lead moves from the First Qualification Stage. Now Since I had the updated Field with Process Stage Name, I wrote a Business Rule using the same field as condition to hide the other fields from Other Stages.

For this purpose I had to write 3 Business Rules:

  • 1> First, Lock fields for the Lead when its not even created yet i.e. when Process Stage Name is Null.


  • 2> Second, Lock fields for the Lead when its newly created i.e. when Process Stage is Qualification.


  • 3> Third, Unlock fields For the Lead when it Moved to Next Stage from the First Qualification Stage.
  • Now, as the final result when I opened a New Lead or Lead in Qualification Stage then I have the Fields already set as Read-Only.


  • And When the Lead is moved to the Next Stage then instantly the Lock fields gets Unlocked.


Hope this will be Helpful for Customizing your Business Process accordingly.

Thanks !!!