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Hello Everyone,

Many a time we need the HTML Color code for our Scripts just like in my Previous post I talked about using the color in the Entity form’s Header. There are simple ways to find out the same.

1> HTML Color Picker from W3Schools :

It gives a wide variety of color codes to select from here.

2> Using Color Picker of MS-Paint :

Take the Screen shot of any Image you want in your screen or open any Image file with the desired color in your MS-Paint

Now in the above picture I needed the HTML Color code for field highlighted color so I took the Screenshot and pasted the image in MS-Paint. 

1> Select the Color Picker Tool in MS-Paint.

2> Click on the colored area which you want to code for. 

3> Your desired color will be flashed in the current Color-1 box. 

4> Select the Edit Colors button.

After you click on the Edit color button, a color box will open showing the RGB values for the current color selected. Note the following values for RGB. Here they are R-248, G-243, B-247

Now you just need to convert these values to Hexa-Decimal which can be easily done with the help of a calculator. 

1> Open the Programmer’s calculator type

2> By default Decimal is selected. Write down the RGB values one-by-one. 

3> Click on the Hex radio button and you will get the result. 

So Final HTML code for the selected Image is followed by # symbol :  #F8F3F7

Hope this post was helpful. 

Thanks !!!