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This is in continuation to the series of my posts:

Step By Step Installation of Dynamics 365:


App-Server Installation with Dynamics CRM Back_End_Role:



Before installing the CRM, we need to install it’s pre-requisites first.

Browse to the pre-requisites software already downloaded and start the installation one by one, similarly as completed earlier in Web-Server Installation. The download link provided:

  1. SQL Native Client – Sqlncli
  2. SQL System CLR TypesSQLSysClrTypes
  3. SQL Server Management ObjectsSharedManagementObjects
  4. Microsoft SQL Reporting Service Report Viewer ControlReportViewer
  5. Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable for Visual Studio2013 – 402059vcredist_x64
  6. Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Runtime Libraries with ServicePack1- 404264vcredist_x64


Minimum Permissions:

Open Computer Management and browse to:

Local Users and Groups -> Groupsimage071


Select Performance Log Users, right click to open Propertiesimage073


Select Performance Log Users, right click to open Propertiesimage075


Add the CrmAsynchronous account to it and click ok.image113


The user will be added to this group.image115

Select Apply and Click OK.


Open Local Security Policy and browse to:

Security Settings -> Local Policies -> User Rights Assignmentimage119


Under Policy column, search for Log on as a service and right click to open Properties.image085


Select the button, Add User or Group.image087


Add the following Service Accounts:

  • CrmAsynchronous
  • CrmSandBox
  • CrmMonitoring



Select Apply and Click Ok.



Dynamics CRM 2016 Installation:


After installing all the pre-requisites, browse to the CRM 2016 Installer file location and double click to start the CRM installation.



The package will request to select the location to extract the files for the setup.image139


Create a folder under inatallation drive, give a proper name and select OK.image141


The extraction of the files for the setup to continue will begin.image143


The installer will ask to get the recommended updates for the installation.image145


Since the server is not connected to the internet hence we would select the option ‘Do not get update’ and click Next.image147


The installer will start copying the setup files to the local folder to continue.image149


In the next screen the setup will require the license to be entered.image151


Will enter the Trial license and continue.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2016 (no CAL limit): WCPQN-33442-VH2RQ-M4RKF-GXYH4

The trial license will be recognized and give a 90-day period before expiration. Click Next.image153


Accept the license agreement and click on the button I Accept.image155


The installer will prompt for the missing pre-requisites, simply click on the Install button.image157


The installation process of the Microsoft Application Error Reporting will start.image159


Once installation of the pre-requisite is complete, click next.image161


Click Next once the installation directory is changed.image167


By default, all the server roles would be selected.

But since we have 2 servers to distribute the roles and during Web Server Installation the Front End Server and Deployment Administration Server are already installed. Hence, for the App server installation we would continue only with Back End Server.



The installer will seek for the Server where SQL is installed.image137


Add in the SQL Server name and make sure the option ‘connect to, and if necessary upgrade an existing deployment’ is selected. Click Next.image139


Add in all the service accounts created earlier.

  • Sandbox Processing Service – CrmSandBox
  • Asynchronous Processing Service – CrmAsynchronous
  • Monitoring Service – CrmMonitoring



Next Page since we are not having the internet connection to the server, select the option – I don’t want to use Microsoft Update and proceed to Next.image143


The system will check internally if all the configurations provided are correct and verify the system tasks to check for any errors before proceeding for Installation.image145


The service that will be restarted during the installation process.



The final review of the selection before the Installation.image151


Upon selection of Install button, the installation will begin.image153


Upon Successful installation the wizard will provide the log file to preview. Save the file for future references.image155

Click on the Finish Button to Restart the Computer.

Browse back to me original post to continue with the Upgrade 8.2.2 in all the servers.