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Hello Everyone,

In my previous blog I discussed about solving the SSL Security error: SECCreateCredentials(). After solving this error when I resumed my CRM installation, another similar error pop up again. But this time it was SSL Security error: SECDoClientHandshake()

This error looked quite familiar as I already read before in one of the Microsoft Support article.  Since I knew this was a known error, still I tried to follow up the steps to simulate the SQL server connection error via Microsoft OLE DB Provider using a *.UDL file.


Reason was quite clear: This fails because the secured connection between the Dynamics CRM Server 2016 and the SQL Server needs TLS 1.0 to be enabled for the OLE DB Provider for SQL Server. And the SQL Server may not have TLS 1.0 enabled for secure channel communication

As the suggested resolution, I opened the regedit and checked the TLS 1.0 status which by default Enabled was Set to 0 and DisabledByDefault was set to 1Installation_Error3-2


I enabled the TLS 1.0 under both the Client and the Server folders by settings the Enabled to 1 and DisabledByDefault to 0Installation_Error4-2