Dynamics 365: Case form got corrupted and couldn’t open after Publish Customization.


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Hello Everyone,


Today would like to share a scenario which literally froze me for a minute while customizing Dynamics 365. Recently we were working on the Case form and suddenly after publishing customization, the Case form couldn’t open anymore!!! Thinking that the newly created fields on the forms would be the culprit, tried to open the case form editor from customization area but that also failed. The page din’t load at all, this was the first time I ever faced this scenario. 😮

Having no clue at all as no event logs were logged on servers, I searched if there had been a single same scenario faced by anyone. Luckily I found one in the Microsoft community here discussing exactly the same issue.

I followed the suggested answer to remove the control with placeholder, having the thought that we were too using Chrome while customizing the Case forms.



  1. Create an unmanaged solution with the bugged form.
  2. Export the solution.
  3. Unzip the archive and edit the “customization.xml” file to remove all “control” tags containing “placeholder”.
  4. Create a new zip archive with the new “customization.xml” file.
  5. Import it to the CRM and publish all the customizations.


We opened our customization file and did find few entries with the Placeholder control.placeholder

I followed the above mentioned steps and bingo, the case form reopened !!! Had a big relief and a sense of victory… 😀

Hope this will help someone caught in a similar issue. Thanks and have a great day!

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