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Hello Everyone,

I setup an active-passive cluster DB for my recent Dynamics 365 Installation. Everything worked smoothly except for the Reporting Services because SSRS is not cluster aware.


My Experiences:

Testing purposes: I tried to Install the Reporting Services on existing node (node B) of a Cluster Instance, I then received the following error:


I read a couple of articles that explains to bypass this Issue by running the setup from cmd and adding the rule to bypass the validation check for StandaloneInstall_HasClusterOrPreparedInstanceCheck :

Setup.exe /SkipRules=StandaloneInstall_HasClusteredOrPreparedInstanceCheck /Action=Install

The same has been described in the couple of great blog posts here and here with detailed steps.


Using the above process I was able to bypass the first validation check. However, when I tried to use the same existing instance I encountered another error:

Instance name ‘XXXXXXXXXX’ is already in use. To continue, specify a unique instance name.


This left me with no other option but continue with the recommended approach.



The Recommended Approach:

The only way of doing this is to Install the separate instance of Reporting Server on another node and point it to the same reporting server DB using Reporting Services Configuration Manager. The same method has been described in the Microsoft Document and discussed in the SQLServer Forum.

After the Installation and configuration of Reporting Server on another node in cluser, use the scale out deployment to join both the instances on the different nodes together. During this process there might be need to Restore the Encryption key. I made sure to use the same Cluster Server Name during setup so that whenever there is a failover, it points to the correct node and that node SSRS starts working. Finally my reports under CRM were working without any errors after the Failover to alternative nodes.


Hope this will be helpful to someone.

Thanks ! 😀