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Hello Everyone,

In development servers, I’m running Dynamics 365 on HTTPS. I generated the custom CSR from Microsoft Management Console: Certificates Snap-In. I passed over the CSR file to my CA (Certificate Authority) to generate the SSL Certificate for my CRM website. After I imported the SSL cert back to Certificates Snap-In: Microsoft Management Console,  I can’t seem to find it in my Certificates list under IIS to bind it to my CRM website! 😮


This was surprising, I tried to repeat the process a couple of time but all in vain. Quite perplexed to what’s happening, I googled it and found the issue in this MSDN article. In my case the all the points were correct and matching, except for the one; the Private key was missing!!! 


How to restore the Private Key in SSL Certificate ?

The is another utility (CertUtil) which can be used to re-generate/repair the private keys for the certificates.

  1. Start -> mmc.exe -> Add snap-in -> Certificates -> Computer account. Verify that the installed certificate appears in the “Personal/Certificates” tab. If not, import it. A missing private key is visualized by the icon next to the certificate not containing a key icon.
  2. Open the certificate (.cer) file from disk by double-clicking on it. In the Details tab, note the serial number.
  3. Start -> cmd.exe. Type “certutil -repairstore my (serialnumberhere)”. The serial number should have no spaces.


After the Certutil: -repairstore command is completed, I double click the cert file and noticed the Key icon is visible now. I went back to IIS and check my certificates, it was there. Yyyyeeeeessssss!!!!! 😀


I proceed to bind my CRM HTTPS website with the cert and all looked good. The same has been shared my Microsoft in their Support Article in case you need step by step details.


Hope this will be helpful to someone. Many Thanks ! 😉