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Hello Everyone,

Recently, one fine day when I logged into my server to check a functionality in CRM; I noticed something very strange. I couldn’t find the Advance Find button! Not only that button was missing, all the rest ribbon buttons on the right were missing including – Global Search, Recently Viewed Items, Add new, Settings and Help. Though the functionality were still available as I could click in the designated area of missing icons and continue with the action.

The things got a little more scary when I ran my personalised report and noticed all the report icons were missing too, instead there were replaced by alphabetical letters.

I knew something went wrong with the CRM Icons. To double confirm, I even opened Report Server and found the similar missing Icons from the ribbon.

As a first thought that would click anyone would be – Did something went wrong with the _imgs folder or certain specific subfolder under _imgs folder has missing access permissions? I cross-checked most of the basic ones but couldn’t find any difference from my other environment.

Then the second alternative for us developers are Developer Tools (F12). Initially, I tried to cross check the reference icons and I was able to find them all under _imgs folder. But later, when I reloaded the main page under developer tools, I found the error:

@font-face encountered unknown error.

@font-face failed OpenType embedding Permission check. Permission must be Installable

I found the same error with Reports and Report-Server page load under Developer Tools(F12).

So basically, these icons were font icons and were having problems to load only while using Internet Explorer. B’coz when I checked the same in other browsers, it was all fine. I read about the error in detail and found the 3 main causes for CRM right navigation doesn’t display the icons.

  1. Blocking Untrusted Fonts Feature is configured in Windows 10
  2. Allow Font Downloads GPO is disabled
  3. Antivirus prevents the font icons from displaying

Not to much surprise, Microsoft recommends to switch to Edge to avoid these font-face problems. However, I was determine to use IE so I went ahead to check and fix the Windows feature instead.

I opened registry editor – regedit.exe in my server and browse to the following location:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Kernel\

I checked the value for the MitigationOptions and it’s value was set to 1000000000000 (in Hexadecimal) which means the feature was turned ON. In order to turn OFF this feature, I had to set it’s value to 2000000000000 (in Hexadecimal). After setting the values I restarted my server and voila, my font-face icons were back!! 😀

Microsoft article on the same here for reference. Hope this would be helpful to someone. Thanks!