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Hello Everyone,

Few Weeks Back, I just figured something unusual happening with the form customization related to CheckBox. Later Microsoft confirmed it as a BUG.

Issue: If you have a Boolean field with type CheckBox defined in a section and you want to hide it with either a Business Rule or Jscript on onLoad Event of the Form, at first onLoad of the form it hides the CheckBox but then the concurrent manual Save brings it Back, violating the Business Rule !!!

1> I configured the below Business Rule to Hide the CheckBox:-

2> The Business Rule seems to be working fine on the Form Load as the CheckBox is Hidden:-

3> But soon after you click the Save button Manually, the CheckBox Reappears violating the Business Rule !!!


This issue is only with the CheckBox, rest RadioButton and List works Fine.

Also a point to note: if in a Tab you have multiple Sections and under each section you have a CheckBox then the CheckBox in last section only gets visible on manual Save, rest all remains Hidden.

I’m working on a specific design with the CheckBox included and design gets distorted with this issue.

I’ve logged this Issue on Microsoft Connect here. Request you all to check and vote for it  on the link provided below if you are also facing the same behavior.


Till Microsoft gets back on this Issue in more Detail to a Resolution, as a workaround: use other format for the Boolean field like Radio-Buttons or Lists.

Hope this will be Helpful.

Thanks !!!