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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share this information with all that MS has finally suggested a way to resolve the issue of Invalid Created-On date on Notes Section in CRM 2013. I’ve been following up with this since quite a long time here and here.


I created a custom Entity “Meeting” with the Notes Section wherein the users can type the info/agenda discussed in their particular meeting which can be later mailed to all the Attendees. Same like we have MOM(Minutes of Meeting).

When I first create any Notes, it immediately notifies Created-By as ‘You’ and Created-On as ‘Just Now’


Later, When I refresh the same page or open the record again, it displays Created-By as same as Created-By User(CRM Admin) but Created-On as ‘Invalid Date Invalid Date’



After following up with the same blog for some time, finally MS came up with the cause which says “the problem occurs in specific scenarios when CRM 2013 is installed on Windows 2012 (not R2) and previous version (e.g. 2008 R2 etc…) and comes from the particular platform configuration rather than from CRM”.

And the temporary resolution is provided here in their Support Blog.

I followed their 2nd approach as my Development Environment is only a stand alone system configured on Hyper-V machine. Hence the App pool is running under Network Service Account.

And the issue gets resolved with proper date and time notification.


Hope this will be helpful.

Thanks !!!